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What is Hydroprinting?

Hydrographics is a method used to give 3 dimensional surfaces a printed, usually patterned, design. This process also goes by the names of water transfer printing, water transfer imaging, cubic printing, immersion printing or hydro dipping.  Many different types of materials can have a printed design applied to them through hydrographics. From car parts to helmets, hydrographics has almost unlimited applications. If it can be dipped in water and painted, then hydroprinting is an option!



Many materials are great candidates for hydroprinting!  Metal, ceramics, glass, fiberglass and plastic all respond very well to this printing process. 


Hydrographic printing has many uses, from artistic expression to recreational and protective applications.  Patterns for safety, decoration and other uses can be printed on items such as firearms, helmets, and even entire ATVs. Items that are commonly printed include sporting equipment, automotive trims and electronics products.


Hydroprinting allows you to completely customize and protect many items in a way not easily achieved through other methods. Hydroprinting can provide protection when a polyvinyal alcoholic film is used. Coat various parts of your vehicle to keep it safe from rocks and other debris that may hit it on the road. Make your item one of a kind!